Vaccine and COVID update for Northern California: March 19, 2021

Rather than 6 feet of space, the CDC now says schools with low coronavirus transmission rates can have 3 feet of social distancing.

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Mayor Steinberg releases video honoring Sacramento’s COVID victims on anniversary of first stay-at-home order

Friday marks one year since Sacramento County issued it’s first stay-at-home order on March 19, 2020, and to honor the anniversary, Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s office has released a video commemorating the 1,565 people in Sacramento County who have tragically died of COVID-19. 

The video shows the creation of a candle-lit memorial, with each victim represented through the soft glow of a paper bag lantern at the steps of Memorial Auditorium. 

CDC ‘OKs’ 3 feet of social distancing for schools with low transmission

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention relaxed its social distancing guidelines for schools Friday, saying students can now sit 3 feet apart in classrooms.

The move allows some flexibility for schools who were struggling to bring back students to the classroom in a safe way. 

In recent months, schools in some states have been disregarding CDC guidelines, using 3 feet as their standard. After studies showed the effect that change played on these schools, Greta Massetti, who leads the CDC’s community interventions task force, said “we don’t really have the evidence that 6 feet is required in order to maintain low spread.” 

The revised COVID-19 recommendations still recommend 6 feet of distancing in common areas like lobbies and cafeterias, and in middle schools and high schools if there is a high rate of spread in their communities. However, the CDC has also removed plastic shields or other barriers between desks from their guidance, again citing a lack of evidence of their effectiveness.  

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