Tom Brady wouldn’t have played for mystery team that stuck with “that motherf–ker”

Tom Brady‘s looming appearance on The Shop: Uninterrupted created a major buzz when HBO brilliantly released a trailer that featured this eyebrow raising (and bleep inducing) observation from Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady: “One of the teams, they weren’t interested at the very end. I was thinking, you’re sticking with that motherf–ker?”

The episode debuted on Friday, and there’s an important post-script to Brady’s remarks: It’s a team he wouldn’t have played for.

“When I look back I’m like, there’s no f–king way I would’ve went to that team,” Brady said. “But they said they didn’t want me. I know what that means, I know what that feels like. And I’m gonna go f–k you up because of that.”

It’s well known that Brady wanted to sign with the 49ers, and it had been widely assumed that the “motherf–ker” to whom Brady was referring wasn’t former Patriots teammate Jimmy Garoppolo. Earlier this week, Colin Cowherd of FS1 — who previously has touted his texting relationship with 49ers G.M. John Lynch — said that the team to which Brady was referring is the Bears. If so, that makes the unnamed “motherf–ker” Mitchell Trubisky.

(That said, Cowherd also suggests that Brady would have been interested in Chicago, which doesn’t fit with Brady’s full comments.)

The Bears clearly were looking for a potential upgrade. Eventually, they traded for Brady’s Kryptonite, Nick Foles. Eventually, the Bears benched Trubisky for Foles. Eventually, Foles and the Bears beat Brady on a Thursday night, when he lost track of the downs during the final drive of the game. After the game, Brady snubbed Foles, the same way Brady did after Super Bowl LII.

So maybe the Bears were the team. Maybe Trubisky was “that motherf–ker.” If so, it could be interesting to know what label Brady would apply to Foles.

Maybe it’s “Daddy.” If not, maybe it should be.

Tom Brady wouldn’t have played for mystery team that stuck with “that motherf–ker” originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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