Family creates video to send COVID-19 patient while hospitalized at Tristar

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A 27-year-old has been hospitalized since Friday with a brain bleed caused by COVID-19.

Tyler Rigsby’s family said he’s only been allowed to have his mother by his side as he battles the virus at Tristar Skyline Medical Center. So to encourage him and send their well wishes they created a video in the hospital parking lot Monday night.

“It’s hard because his mother is stuck up there and they won’t let his father go up even though we’re vaccinated everything just to let her get a breath,” Rigsby’s Stepmother Tonya Rigsby said.

Rigsby’s father, David, said it’s been heartbreaking waiting for updates from outside the hospital. Especially as Rigsby, who has an intellectual disability, continues to be tested to see how his bleed is doing.

“It’s the largest one they ever saw. And they’ve been trying to get it to go down with blood thinners. But it’s staying the same. It’s not getting any worse, but it’s staying the same,” David Rigsby said.

David said he and Rigsby’s mother decided not to have him vaccinated because they did not know how it would affect his Fragile X syndrome. However, both of Rigsby’s parents have been vaccinated in order to protect him from the virus.

But now that Rigsby has the virus his family is advocating for everyone to get the vaccine. David said the virus is real and everyone needs to be protected from it.

“But that’s why I wanted to come and let people know this could be your kid,” Tonya Rigsby said.

Rigsby is expected to get another MRI on Tuesday to see how his brain is healing. His family said he could be in Tristar Skyline for the next couple of weeks.

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