Emily Jashinsky Joins the Panel: What Did Biden’s Press Conference Reveal About the President and the Press, and a Look Ahead at the Fight Over Taxes and “Infrastructure” | Video

On Thursday, President Joe Biden gave his first press conference, 64 days into his administration. How did Biden and the press perform? And a look at the week ahead, which the White House would like to be devoted to infrastructure. Biden is scheduled to talk about his “Build Back Better” bill in a speech he’ll deliver in Pittsburgh. Everyone in Washington talks about infrastructure as the ultimate bipartisan agenda item, but this is already shaping up to be a battle over what is defined as “infrastructure,” and who pays for it. Emily Jashinksy, culture editor and writer at The Federalist, joins Carl Cannon, Tom Bevan and moderator Andrew Walworth on this week’s RealClearPolitics Takeaway podcast.

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