Biden and Putin meet in Geneva


US President Joe Biden is holding a news conference now after wrapping talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier today in Geneva.

“There’s no substitute, as those of you have covered me for a while know, for face-to-face dialogue between leaders, none,” Biden said about their meeting. “President Putin and I share a unique responsibility to manage the relationship between two powerful and proud countries. A relationship that has to be stable and predictable. And we should be able to cooperate where it’s in our mutual interests, and where we have differences, I wanted President Putin to understand why I say what I say, and why I do what I do, and how we will respond to specific kinds of actions that harms America’s interests.”

“I told President Putin my agenda is not against Russia or anybody else. It’s for the American people,” he continued.

Putin held his own solo news conference before Biden, where he said US and Russian ambassadors will return to their diplomatic posts and that both countries will begin consultations on cybersecurity. He described the summit as “constructive” and “productive” on the whole.

The official meetings between both leaders today were broken into two rounds, one a smaller session and the second with larger delegations. The total run time came in shorter than the four to five hours officials initially predicted for the summit.

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